About us

Fasteners and fixings specialists

We are a family company focused on the distribution of stainless steel and carbon steel fasteners and fixings.



30 years in the market growing together
to our customers


22.000 items in stock pieces
20.000 pallets


We adapt to the needs of
each client

We adapt to our customer requirements

The needs of each client are different.
At Hispanox we work to satisfy any requirement: materials, grades, coatings, sealants, special parts, delivery times, packaging.


High tensile steel - 8.8 / 10.9 / 12.9
Stainless steel - A-2 / A-4


Geomet, Zinc-nickel, Zintek, Delta-protekt, Magni, HDG, zinc plated, yellow zinc plated

Special parts

Cold and hot forged
Turned and machined

People to the service of the customer

A great team of professionals works daily to meet the needs of our customers, providing personalized attention, speed and efficiency.

Quality guarantee

We have certifications to meet any need for structural fasteners EN 15048 (SB) and EN 14399 (HV and HR) with CE marking

Quality inspections

inspections and tests

EN 15048 y EN 14399

CE certificatations
for structural fasteners