HISPANOX, S.A., company marketing screws and fasteners, in accordance with the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001:2015, hereby establishes the following guidelines as its Quality Management Policy:

1. Commitment to meeting the explicit and implicit demands, requests and expectations of our clients as well as legal and regulatory requirements.

2. Disseminate objectives and quality criteria across all levels of our organisation.

3. Implement quality indicators as well as track the level of progress made towards achieving them in order to determine the product desired by our client and their quality level.

4. Ensure optimal working conditions through risk assessment: identifying risks that may occur during processes, eliminating and reducing these assessed risks as far as possible.

5. Develop ongoing training programmes geared towards best qualifying our workers and thereby involving all staff in the achievement of all objectives set out by the Company.

6. Consolidate the ongoing improvement process in the performance of all activities carried out by the Company.

7. Promote and ensure a motivational environment for all members of the Company.

Management makes this policy accessible and available to its clients, all employees and suppliers, and for the general public.

This policy is kept up-to-date through periodic reviews, coinciding with system reviews by Management, with due regard for changes based on environmental conditions and information received. Management undertakes to providing the necessary human, technical and economic means to achieve established goals and objectives.